vendredi 4 octobre 2013

Analog report photo #01 Hossegor

Legend below 

1. #FromWhereIStand
2. The big wave by Dominique Antony
3. A photographer
4. Again #FromWhereIStand
5.Hossegor Beach
6.Hossegor - La Centrale
7. Hoossegor Beach forever
8. Bathroom Selfie
9. Best cook (a lil chef) in Hossegor, Fast Food Beach Break
10. My BFF X red Bull
11.Quiksilver sk8 ramp in Boardrider house
13. A board in the Quiksilver Boardrider House
14. Hossegor Lake


Thank you so much to Sosh for this amazing experience.
Find my (french) blog post about this event right there