dimanche 15 décembre 2013

Love-Brunch-Paris @ L'Alcazar

London's original brunch party in Paris!!
Yesterday afternoon was rly dope, let me explain and dont trust the first pic of this post!! cause it look likes to a simple british brunch, but it was definitely NOT a simple brunch. So I was at an unconventional brunch invited by my dear friend Aude. Loud music (perfect DJs set), atmospheric lounge, great design in a trendy place (L'Alcazar) excellent food, strip (in other words:special performances) and very cool people. The atmosphere was insane, we played hard in the middle of the afternoon like it was 3am in a dirty place. The sound has never been so  fuckin 90s like yesterday. Everything was dope and I rly enjoyed it.

Be there next time at the #LoveBrunchParis on Sunday 16th Feb 14.

By the way and as you can see there are some pic of my last CRUSH Rosa <3
Much love

have a lovely sunday