mercredi 20 novembre 2013

Cropped it's life || Outfit #02

Here is my last fashion big crush 'we are still bold & beautiful' aka BB (look at my crop top  or click there  lucky top). BB is more than a simple brand, actually it's s an interdisciplinary platform open to collaborations with artists, illustrators, photographers, musicians, designers and anyone with a great idea who is willing to communicate it through innovative projects from Greece. I rly loved the style of the last collection shooted by Stelios Kallinikou, it's a bunch of superstitious, religious, sacred symbol all mixed together. By the way, that's my second outfit on this blog and as you can see on the first outfit post, I wear a cropped top despite the weather (so fuckin freezing!).  And that's why I titlled my post 'cropped it's life'.

Wearing:   Monki coat | H&M pull over OVER | BB cropped top | Monki pants | Nike Rosherun shoes